Making Music With Light

I love digital photography, but I have a basic camera (if you can call something that takes videos and advises you on best photo settings basic). What I really mean is, I can’t manually change the shutter speed on my camera. Which is OK, I miss it sometimes, but I rarely go to car races or other sports events. I guess in the future I will get a digital SLR like my old Konica film camera, but I don’t really need the versatility that much for my purposes.

The other night Bill and I were driving on the freeway and I happened to have my camera handy. I tend to keep it in the car since I’ve been blogging, you never know WHAT will turn up (like the car-b-que I couldn’t take a picture of last month). Anyway, knowing my shutter speed would be too slow for a clear shot, I took this because I figured I’d get some interesting light and color patterns. And so I did! This is the 5 freeway at 65 mph. You can just make out the word “Long Beach” on the sign on the right (green blobs are the freeway signs). In the foreground is the hood of our car.

To me, this photo has a “musical” feel. It reminds me of musical notes bouncing around in the ether, playing some wild neon-fueled melody.



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5 responses to “Making Music With Light

  1. Candace

    I looked at the pic first, then had to read the story because, after a long night up with Cory, I just assumed there was something wrong with my vision…

  2. I love painting with light pictures, nice job 🙂

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