First Grade Mugshots

Now that you’ve seen some pictures of me, can you pick me out of my first grade class? I know the picture is small, it won’t be easy…but here’s a hint…I’m NOT in the second row from the bottom. That should narrow it down nicely.



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9 responses to “First Grade Mugshots

  1. Third row, middle, plaid dress?

  2. Hi Sonja!
    It is not easy. My first thought is – you are the teacher!
    If not – this same as Manuel – third row, middle, plaid dress.
    Your new blog looks better. Wonderful! I like big letters.
    Have a great Chritmas Time!

  3. I will guess second row down from the top third in from the right?

  4. Are you the boy in the red western shirt in the back row? 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my place, Sonja! I bet we were separated at birth…I have never been a shopper or a fancy date…give me thrift shop and bookstore browsing with coffee any day…that’s romance!

    Oh, and be sure to go vote on the word game at my place…there is some good readin’ there!

  5. the girl in the middle without a doubt….the kid infront of the teacher looks a hoot!!

  6. Manuel, Krystyna, and Shaymus – you’re right!! By the way Shaymus, the kid you are talking about I still remember because he was one of the class clowns. His name was Robert and he and the boy two people to the right of me (Jackie) were the classroom jokesters. Robert is probably looking over to see what Jackie is doing. These two were always in trouble with the teachers all through elementary school, but gave all of us great laughs.

  7. seb

    Haha, those two kids in front of the teacher, they are hilarious!

  8. Shaymus

    I suppose that kid stuck out for me coz I was like that at school too…..seems funny to see a class photo with the kids not in uniform…..

  9. seb

    Oh man, I bet you were a crazy kid Shaymus!

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