How They Get Their Names

Have you ever wondered how TV weathermen and sportscasters get their names? According to “The Daily Show Calendar”, there’s a specific naming formula. Here it is:



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8 responses to “How They Get Their Names

  1. I would of course be Whip or Beat Yellowbird !

  2. Ooh, can I be Squirt Mudbottom? LOL

  3. seb

    Love that! I’ll be Flip Greencat!!!

  4. I want to be Cat McFlip.

  5. Yes Whips a good one Whip Badarse

  6. Good one, I love the Daily Show.
    -Splat Snerdly

  7. I would like to be known now as Spice Cloudrooster!

  8. Chip Fonebone “Live”

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