6 Weird Things About Me

I got tagged by my buddy Seb so here goes:

1. I love the band The Decemberists. I love Colin Meloy’s melancholy vocals and the different time periods their songs are set in. OK, some of the lyrics are rather erudite and would appeal to history buffs, and the band may be an acquired taste, but once appreciated, always enjoyed. This band occupies a permanent spot in my mp3 player. When I am having a severely insomniac night, I plug in and listen to “California One / Youth and Beauty Brigade”, “Grace Cathedral Hill”, “For My Own True Love (Lost at Sea)”, “On the Bus Mall” and other Decemberists songs.

2. I also like “weird” music. This means music that uses unexpected or strange combinations of instruments. For example, banjo and sitar on the same song. That’s what I like about my other favorite band The Eels. I get tired of the same old electric guitar riffs, and with the Eels, you never know what bandleader Mark Oliver Everett will put together. Many of his songs are a little depressing however, as certain of the albums were catharsis for him after his mother died of cancer, sister committed suicide, and father died of causes I have forgotten. So he sings a lot about his recovery from all that grief (mainly found on the “Electro-Shock Blues” cd). More upbeat songs can be heard on “Daisies of the Galaxy”. I highly recommend The Eels for adventurous listeners.

3. Of all domestic chores, I like doing laundry the best. Sort, throw in machine, add soap, walk away. I love the sound of the washing machine as it does its job (I’m not so enamored as to sit on top of the machine and savor the vibrations, LOL!) I love the smell of clean clothes.

4. I have Raynaud’s Phenomenon. It’s a disorder that causes the blood vessels in my hands and feet to constrict when they get cold or if I have a lot of stress. First my fingers turn white, then blue, then go numb. In my case, it has damaged my fingers and they are kinda bent (although perfectly bent for typing, whew!). I can’t make a fist or straighten my fingers completely. I have to wear gloves outside if the temperature falls much below 65 degrees. Extreme air conditioning (which is common in California even on cold days) sets it off badly. I’m not even supposed to hold glasses that contain cold beverages because that can set off an attack!

5. My favorite TV program at the moment is “Dexter” (on Showtime).

6. I love kimchi. It’s a Korean fermented cabbage dish that’s very garlicky. I heard it’s traditionally buried in a container underground until sufficiently pungent. Many people can’t stand the smell of it. I worked for a Taiwanese doctor for several years, and he used to buy us office dinners that featured kimchi, that’s how THAT got started.



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8 responses to “6 Weird Things About Me

  1. Candace

    Uh, think I will send my laundry over to your house! I too used to love doing laundry, the steady sound of the washer or dryer was enough to put me to sleep (possibly from growing up on the road in a camper, accustomed to falling asleep to the hum of it’s engine), and the smell of clean laundry (though sadly I am now allergic to Tide, my favorite!). I even enjoyed the meditation of folding laundry. That was then, this is now. Today, laundry is a daily event that is always ahead of me. There is seldom a room in the house that does not have a basket of laundry in it waiting to be folded (thankfully the dirtly laundry, once picked up from the floor, is hidden in a “laundry closet”). I still love folding laundry, on those days that I can do it after my son is asleep and before the hubby returns from work. That is my unwind time…

    I will have to check out Dexter. My guilty TV pleasure these days is “House” – I am staying up entirely too late watching past episodes to catch up. I love the show because House does what few of us dare to do, speak without filters. I try to be honest always, but his honesty is cruel and to the point and beyond anything I would be comfortable with subjecting others to, even those I may not like that much!

    I am eager to check out the Cat Stevens album you mentioned. He has been a favorite through all phases of my life.

    Cory sends hugs n kisses!

  2. seb

    Uh oh, kimchi!!!

    I need to check out the Eels, seems like you really like them, I think I also have a couple friends who are into them.

  3. Yes, and I bet you unbalance the towels so the machines rocks too…..

  4. I have Raynauds too. I carry around those heat pads – liquid filled plastic shapes with a little metal button that you click and then a chemical reaction heats up the contents. I only found out when I was nearly 30 and by then I had, like you, damaged my joints in my hands and feet, though I think years of playing the piano has kept my fingers working ok. I grew up in Scotland and could lose the blood in my fingers just taking a bottle of milk out the fridge. I always wondered how other kids could play with snowballs! It’s got better with age though. Eels are cool too.

  5. Sonja:
    I HAVE REYNAUDS TOO!!! I don’t have it quite as severely as you do, by the way it sounds, but it is quite annoying and painful. The other day it was about 60 degrees out and I was at the grocery store trying to write a check. I couldn’t even write my fingers were so numb. When my daughter was a newborn the doctors said she had it too, her little fingers were so cold!

  6. Thought you might enjoy this link if you haven’t come across it before:

  7. The Eels! Novacaine for the Soul is one of my all time favorites. And add another to the Reynaud’s list. And to the Dexter list. Love that show. The books are awesome too if you have not read them.

    As for laundry….are you taking in other peoples? If so sign me up!

  8. Lord above I am losing it šŸ˜›

    At least that has to be the fastest meme you have done! Decemberist are a local band =)

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