Naturalized Presidents

In my state, California, a very much “blue” Democrat state, Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger was re-elected for governor by a very large margin. Why? Because Arnold is a centrist, not a hard right-winger. He respects the environment, and works and plays well with others, including Democrats. Even I, the great skeptic of all things political, voted for him, and as I have previously mentioned, I am a registered Democrat (actually I am more of an independent, but the party I really like, the Green Party, is still so small that voting for one of their candidates is in my estimation a wasted vote).

Anyway, that got me to thinking about Arnold as President. Of course, this is not even a possibility because in the United States, no one can become Prez unless they were born here. Arnold is Austrian, so even though he is a citizen, he doesn’t even get a shot. I believe he would be a sterling Prez; he earned his citizenship and surely appreciates and understands it in more depth than most native born Americans. I’ll bet he knows more about how government works from his studies to become a citizen than many an American born person.

The U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1 says “No person except a natural born Citizen or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” Obviously the Founding Fathers, having just shaken off the bonds of foreign rule were “slightly” suspicious of foreign influence in the highest office in the land. In this day and age, this fear is groundless and outdated. There is a nomination process involved in becoming a candidate, and the two major parties (which seem to be the only ones that count, as I mentioned above) are very careful about who they present as a candidate. There is little chance (I say “little” because there is nothing in life that is absolute) of a foreign dictator or radical even getting to square one.

So, Arnold. I’ll root for you. I will vote for a constitutional amendment to change the current one, should the opportunity arise. Hopefully your words when you leave the governor’s mansion will not be “hasta la vista, baby”.



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7 responses to “Naturalized Presidents

  1. seb

    I for one would vote for Arnold, but only if he has a campaign where he savagely massacres opponents with really cool weapons. If he doesn’t do that, I don’t vote for him, I want my president to be entertaining!

  2. In the 90s movie, Demolition Man, Stallone wakes up in the future only to find out that Arnold was made president after a constitutional amendment. Stallone, after being in frozen animation for many years, can’t believe it. Funny moment, but maybe the movie was telling the future….I mean, it DID have a prisoner frozen in it called Scott Peterson.

  3. seb

    Demolition Man! I love that movie!!!! Unbelievable how prescient it was….

  4. Is rudy guliani jewish? or is that an italian name?….from what I have seen I am glad that I dont have to pick…clinton!! puke!..
    I voted Greens this year over here for the first time…because our local candidates were dorks….

  5. A prescient movie indeed. Who knew that “now all restaurants are Taco Bell” would come true?

  6. All hail the Presinator Arnold S. Hey, I’d sincerely consider voting for him if he were eligible.

    As a side note, some of the best Americans are ones who weren’t born on our soil.

  7. I don’t think I’d vote for Arnold for president, but I do tell everyone I know who thinks he’s just a right wing nut job that he’s actually done a lot of good environmental work, for one, in Cali. Nice post.

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