Accept Yourself

I enjoy the writings of Lori Rekowski. Here is a tidbit to inspire you today:

When we give up labeling ourselves, others and situations GOOD or BAD, RIGHT or WRONG: we began to move into ACCEPTANCE of the fact that we are on a journey – and it’s all a part of the process that we agreed to go through to grow and evolve our souls. My friends, IT’S ALL GOOD! I refused to judge myself for things that are done and over. I won’t let the past rule my present anymore! You can take on this attitude just as easy as I did.

Acceptance that “it is all happening for a higher purpose” propels us to give ourselves a break and find the peace of mind that we are right where we are supposed to be on each leg of the journey. You’ll see that as you grow to release the need to judge yourself, and begin to realize that we are spiritual beings having a human experience…that we inherently will stumble on our paths occasionally. We’ll realize that we can accept that fact and get on with enjoying your life so much more.



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3 responses to “Accept Yourself

  1. Words never sounded more true. Nice post.

  2. Excellent post, important message – wish more people would learn it.

  3. Interesting comments.. 😀

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