Palm Paradise

This is the parking lot at the Irvine Marketplace. I have been here a hundred times and just today noticed how many palm trees there are here. It’s funny, but since I’ve been blogging, I always keep my camera in my car, and this prompts me to look for photo opportunities I’ve never seen before.

I believe these palms are Queen Palms. They are extremely expensive to purchase and plant. I can only guess how much the contractor paid for these. Someday I’ll have to count them, I’m sure there are at least two hundred spanning the entire lot.

We have had record breaking heat here in So Cal this week. It’s been in the 90’s. I’m sure this is very confusing to the flora and fauna in this area. Many trees have started dropping their leaves anyway (of course, not the palms!)



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8 responses to “Palm Paradise

  1. That really is an good pic…the person who designed that place would be happy….they acheived what they thought…wow!
    Might put this pic on my blog.

  2. I wonder how many people have crashed into the palms?

    Maybe they can add corn there :0

  3. Great pic !

    Send us some heat please – were freezing over here !

  4. seb

    Amazing, it’s pretty cool with all those palm trees, but that must’ve been very expensive like you said.

    It’s also been very warm here in Phoenix, warmer than it usually is in November.

  5. Yeah, I heard it was hot down south. Crazy. It is in the high 50s, love 60s here in Sac.

  6. I have a thing for palm trees. One day I must live somewhere that has palm trees. I’m in Boston right now.

  7. They aren’t queen palms. They are a type of date palm

  8. but they are beautiful!

  9. I stand corrected. I also thought they were date palms, but if you could see how many there are, you wouldn’t think that the management would want to spring for the maintenance fees involved in cutting the dates off. And not cutting them off would foul the parking lot with squashed dates. Hmmm…

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