We did it!!

Americans spoke up loud and clear Tuesday. After 12 years of Republican majority in the government, a nice little housecleaning was done, and the pendulum has once again swung back to a balance with much Democrat influence – they now control the House of Representatives and the Senate! I also hope this is the beginning of the end of the Religious Right’s influence and interference in our country (that last evangelical scandal ought to help, too). It’s an unexpected bonus that Donald Rumsfeld resigned as a result of the elections.

After years of being depressed about my country, I can once again hold my head high and have some enthusiasm and optimism regarding this democracy.

I can’t wait to hear what Bill Maher has to say about this result!

And congratulations to Nancy Pelosi, our first female Speaker of the House! She is only three heartbeats away from the Presidency.

Citizens of Earth – can you once again like the American people? Really, we are a fun bunch and don’t necessarily subscribe to what the higher ups in government have been doing the past few years. True, Bush got re-elected 2 years ago, but I think fear of terrorism and the clever use of this fear by the Republicans is what turned the trick then. Now we have become wiser. We have taken steps to dilute Bush in his last two years of office. Who knows – maybe investigations into the administration’s scandals will yet yield an impeachment.

My dearest hope is that America’s goodwill throughout the planet can once again be restored. I know that with the new balance in our government, saner decisions regarding our interactions with the rest of the world will result.



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7 responses to “We did it!!

  1. seb

    I gotta say, I’m feeling better about this country than I have in a long time. The pain of ’04 is still pretty fresh, I couldn’t believe Bush got reelected, that was really frustrating. Hopefully this government can be effective and do some good things!

  2. Does it make any difference ? They are all the same. They would have done the same what the Repubs did.

    only 40% voted (please correct me) That shows that there are 60% sensible Americans who are disgusted with the whole system. Democracy is just an eyewash.

    I don’t agree with you. People all over the world now know that American citizens are not responsible for what the government is doing. Very few evil minded, yet they are so powerful.
    You need not feel depressed about your country.

  3. Sure! It’s always cool to exchange links!

  4. Yes, it was an exciting night wasn’t it?!?! Here is to better days ahead for our nation.

  5. They are talking over here that the ramifications of Iraq will roll our government at the next election…Bush is unpopular here too..

  6. Thank you – hopefully where you lead we can follow !

  7. Hi Sonja,
    thanks for sharing your thoughts. Very interesting. I can only wish to this country when I live now ALL The Best! And I love America. I met many very kind and wonderful people here. And I can tell that I’ m proud to be Pole and I’m proud to be American.
    Have the great days!

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