Judgment vs. Discernment

Below are wise words from Lori Rekowski, author of “A Victim No More“. I like what she says because it reminds us that while judgment can be destructive, discernment is still needed to live a safe life. We shouldn’t stop thinking and we need to make decisions about what we want to take on, what isn’t safe, who we should or shouldn’t trust, etc. It is where these decisions come from that is the issue:

Practice NOT judging yourself or others today.

I subtitled “A Victim No More; How to Break Free from Self-judgment” because I found that when I did let go of my need to judge myself negatively (and often incessantly), a whole lot of wonderful things started to shift for me, and I do mean for the better. I became less apt to get down on myself in any way, shape, or form when I let that old pattern go. After all, our feelings of guilt may attract the judgment of others. And, who wants that!

Let’s be clear here and differentiate between judgment and discernment. For me, being judgmental comes from an emotion-based, negative opinion that we tend to form with the “I’m right and your wrong mindset.” As for discernment: this skill is used when you choose to make an informed decision from an observer’s point of view. You seek to honor yourself and learn to let your inner voice/intuition guide you through a love-based filter, in your decision making process.”


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  1. Thank you for this – just what I needed today

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