I have never liked clowns. Not as a child, and not now. I have a friend who collects clown figurines. I could never understand why. I would not want one anywhere in my house and would not turn off the lights in any room that had any kind of clown trinket in it.

From Bozo, to Ronald McDonald, to the clown in Stephen King’s “It” – they are all creepy. They can’t be trusted.

Paranoia? Maybe. Check out this picture and you will perhaps feel the same way.



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6 responses to “Paroled

  1. seb

    I agree, 110%, clowns are by nature evil. I will never trust anybody who’s face you can’t really see. That picture is very frightening, the movie scared me so much when I was younger!

  2. I’ve never been a fan of clowns either…so damn creepy!

  3. glorious


  4. My mother is SUPER afraid of clowns. It is definitely a phobia. I seem to think it is called coulraphobia or something like that. I could look it up, but I am too lazy.

  5. Oh IT, such a long book!

  6. I agree…A laughing clown bit me once!

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