Mysterious Cube Crashes to Earth

Don’t worry. It’s just the ever-stylish Discovery Science Museum in Santa Ana, Ca.

Trust me – notice the guy walking – he doesn’t seem very panicked, does he?



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7 responses to “Mysterious Cube Crashes to Earth

  1. Poor guy…what’s wrong with his face?

  2. He looks like that villain on Dick Tracy, huh? Not to worry, it was my clumsy attempt to protect his identity with Photoshop Elements. I’m not very good at it, I used the healing brush to cover his face with flesh because I didn’t know how to do a blur!
    Good eye, Manuel!!!

  3. The cube kind of looks like the ones used by the Borg from Star Trek.

    Regarding Nick’s site Sonja, he updated his WordPress database and it screwed everything up 😦 So it’s going to be down for a little while. Thanks for the book tip as well, I’ll definitely check it out.

  4. glorious

    The BORG! Yikes!

  5. that is just surreal …………….

  6. And congratulations on your award – well deserved !

  7. Hi Sonja!
    Very emphatic picture.
    Greetings to you!

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