San Onofre Surprise

Tuesday night the local news reported that the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant (4 miles SE of San Clemente)  was having an alarm drill on Wednesday (yesterday) morning. Fifty some-odd alarms were supposed to go off.
Can you imagine some poor schlub driving by on the freeway not knowing there was a test in progress??? Time to change your trousers…



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6 responses to “San Onofre Surprise

  1. You have an interesting choice of postings. Keep up the good work.


  2. Oh so thats what a power plant looks like, we dont have them over here yet…on google earth they would look like boobs eh?

  3. Shaymus – Funny you should say that! Everytime we drive by the power plant, I turn to my hubby and say “There’s the two boobs!”
    See, I told you we had a similar sense of humor!!

  4. Ha! That’s where I have an advantage over regular people. I wear adult diapers.

    My dockers remain pure!

  5. Ha Ha…lets put some huge mother bra’s on those suckers…you guys spell humour different to us

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