Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Sonja

1…. Anytime I leave the house, I have to check the kitchen stove twice to make sure it’s turned off.
2…. I like to wrap presents in old road maps.
3…. I like long hair on men, even older men. It doesn’t have to be super long, just so that it moves a little bit.
4…. My guilty pleasure is Violet Crumbles candy bars (or Honeycomb candy).
5…. I hate the fact that women are “supposed” to shave their underarms, while in the meantime we have to see the hairy, sweaty pits of men.
6…. When I’m running errands and my hands are full, I love it when a door I need to go through opens with a “push” instead of a “pull”.
7…. My two big life dreams are going to Australia and swimming with dolphins.
8…. I am always thrilled when one of my parrots says something new for the first time.
9…. I detest organized religion and politics. (Note I said “religion” and NOT “spirituality”)
10…. A visit to a library or bookstore makes my day.
11…. In one year I read 103 books.
12…. I am still good friends with my old boyfriends.
13…. I touched an elephant once.

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6 responses to “Thursday Thirteen

  1. I have to admit I check the stove, too. I also like to picture the iron in my mind to make sure I unplugged it after using it. For whatever reason, I’m neurotic about the iron.

    My TT is up.

  2. Thirteen Things about … is smart!
    May I be to participant soon..

    You are the best reader!
    In (10) I do as you.

    Many blessings to you Sonja!

  3. I am with you on three and nine X

  4. It was fun reading yours. Thanks!

  5. jen

    Hi Sonja
    Great blog!
    I check the kitchen stove twice too
    also if I unplugged the hair dryer!

    And I would LOVE to swim with dolphins!

    I added you to my links

  6. Rob

    Thanks for the visit at my blog… I’d be more than happy to link to you! My URL is


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