One of Showtime’s new offerings this season is a dark and fascinating program called “Dexter“.

This character has a disturbing morality that is bursting with irony and draws the viewer in immediately.

Dexter is a police forensics blood-spatter expert who investigates the scenes of crimes and is privy to the details of other levels of the investigations. His foster sister is also a policewoman. He is particularly interested in serial killers because…he is one. Only, he has tempered his affliction so that he only kills the bad guys (namely other serial killers).

Michael C. Hall, who played the quiet undertaker in“Six Feet Under” plays the title role, and boy is he good. He even manages to get you to actually like this character. And the character’s background and past relationship with his foster father is enough to totally blow your mind.

It is creepy and graphic in spots, but for adults it’s a wild ride.

Five stars from me.



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5 responses to “Dexter

  1. now this sounds creepy and a must watch ………..

  2. Sounds like a great show…too bad I don’t have Showtime.

  3. Miami killer – Miami Star.
    Really dark and fascinating program.

    ALL good to you Sonia!

  4. It’s a good study on sociopathic behavior. Honestly, the first episode creeped ME out and I’m not one to be creeped out easily.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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