Answer to Keg Quiz

Here is the answer to yesterday’s “Keg Quiz”:

“Tilt the keg until the beer barely touches the lip of the keg, then look inside. If any of the bottom of the keg can be seen, it is less than half full. If the bottom is covered with beer, the keg is at least half full.”



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7 responses to “Answer to Keg Quiz

  1. Hi Sonja,
    just a quick hi de hi
    on passing by
    from Dr John and I

  2. Dropping in to say hello 🙂

    I hope you are well over there.

  3. Really?! Hmm..interesting. Thanks.

  4. I think I’m past the phase in my life when that info would have been helpful, but thanks.

    I am puff, puff, puffing through in Dr. John’s Marathon.

  5. Hi Sonja!
    Thanks for sharing this .
    I have linked you to.

    Have a great day!

  6. Just tried it !!! And guess what … was too drunk to tilt the keg 😉

    Great blog


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