Blame it on Madame Curie

And now there is something new for air travelers to consider as they attempt to get through the security checkpoints.

Have you had any of the following medical diagnostic tests / procedures:

  • isotope procedure for diagnosis or treatment of thyroid disease
  • certain kinds of lung, heart, or bone scans?
  • had radioactive seeds implanted to treat prostate or other cancer?

According to Dr. Theodore Rosenfeld in the Los Angeles Time Parade magazine, there are several radioactive isotopes that can set off the detectors at airports and federal buildings. The residuals from these isotopes may have an effect on the detectors for up to 95 days after the procedure.

The solution? If you have a procedure a few days before a flight, ask your doctor if any radioactive material was used. If so, get a letter from the doctor documenting the date and nature of the test and show it to security personnel at the airport or federal building. This may save a lot of time and trips through the security queue.



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13 responses to “Blame it on Madame Curie

  1. wow, I wouldn’t think of that, makes sense, though. I’ve never been stopped for more than a quick hand scan, tracking down a radioactive spot in my pants would be WAY UNCOOL!

  2. I wonder if spending too much time in front of a computer monitor puts some radioactive isotopes into me? If so, I will be really in trouble.

    (stopping by via Dr. John)

  3. (Whew)…Look..(pant..pant)..Out! Coming through from Dr. John’s….

  4. All sounds a bit scary to me. Dr John sent me.

  5. that’s actually good info to have. thanks. dr. John sent me here..beautiful pics of your parrot.

  6. Hi everybody, thanks for stopping by. Thanks to the Dr.John readers for visiting! It’s so nice to have company in my writing journey.

  7. Makes sense.

    Here playing six degrees of Dr. John

  8. Wow. Yet another thing to worry about. No wonder I have no desire to fly these days.
    Sprinting through on Dr. John’s marathon trail.

  9. Catch

    who would have thought it? I am one of Dr Johns little people!

  10. dr. john sent me…you provided me another fact to know and share with all my friends

  11. It will probably also save you from the “white-glove treatment”!

    Here via Dr. John…

  12. Wow, tons of comments! Good job. Never thought about radiation though. Interesting…

  13. I have heard this too ……. will I ever fly anywhere again ?

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