New error message?

Hewlett Packard chairwoman Patricia Dunn resigned in the wake of accusations of questionable techniques used in spying on other board members, trying to find a leaker of company information. A technique called “pretexting” was used in which the investigator impersonates the person under investigation to get personal information about them. The leaker was found, but as of this writing, no other heads have rolled except hers.



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3 responses to “New error message?

  1. Neat Cartoon …………. what a nasty way to go about things ……..

  2. HP has problems all right, but those are techniques that people use at all levels of business. that doesn’t make it right… I guess it just means that she’s the posterlady for how willing we are to treat each other badly 😦
    Leaking in that business can be very costly, but fixing that leak has turned out to be more damaging than the leak. She would have been better off if she had just acted ethically… how many times have we heard that before? 😉

  3. That was a very helpful tip. Thanks for sharing. Just passing by from Dr. John.

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