Publishing World Ruse

I have a bone to pick with publishers.

I have noticed within the last year that larger paperback books have appeared in the displays with the mass market paperbacks. A mass market paperback is the regular-sized paperback that we have all come to know and love. You can tuck it in your back pocket or purse.

These new paperbacks are about 1/2″ taller and cost $2.00 more ($9.99 each, vs. $7.99 or $6.99 for the usual sized paperback). The alleged benefits of this extra charge are “larger, easier to read print” and that it is “easier to hold”. The print is not that much bigger, nor is the book worth $2.00 – $3.00 extra for it’s “larger” size.

I talked to an employee at Barnes and Noble last week to inquire about this new marketing idea. According to the employee, booksellers find the new sized paperbacks to be inconvenient because they don’t fit in the standard display racks. Customers don’t like them because they are more expensive for basically the same size book.

Popular authors whose books have been printed in this devious format include Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, and Maeve Binchy. I refuse to buy these books. I have a collection of every Patricia Cornwell “Scarpetta” novel, but I will not be buying anymore as long as this format persists. I didn’t buy Binchy’s last book in paperback; instead I waited for the clearance sale of hardcovers and bought it for $4.98. I’ll go to the library if I have to!

What a gyp!

If you are a paperback reader who does not want to spend extra money needlessly, just say no to this format. Boycott these books. If no one buys them, the publishers will stop printing them.

This seems like just another way for corporate America to fatten their wallets on the public’s behalf.

Your comments, please?



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4 responses to “Publishing World Ruse

  1. Lucky you don’t live in Canada. Book prices are ridiculous. Check out our list price for Maeve Binchly’s Whitethorn Woods. I don’t know what the book is about, but $24.95CAD for a trade paperback is not right.

  2. the husband

    Typical corporate spin to mask more profit; it benefits the consumer. This reminds me of Toyota’s use of the center mount gauge cluster in some of their cars (the Prius, Echo and now the Yaris). It’s more ergonomic for the customer. Yeah, I always like to look to my right to see the speedo; it was so much trouble when I could look straight ahead. Why can’t corporations just be honest and say they’re just trying to make more money and quit spinning the ergonomic BS?

  3. I will look out for them ………. and then not buy them – and make sure I make distinctions on my Xmas list ……… rip off indeed

  4. Buy your paperbacks from Costco or Sam’s Cumb – cheaper there!

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