Sleep Technique

photo courtesy of Brian Dilg Photography

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I have had a lot of trouble sleeping.

The other day I was at the library, and a book found me. It’s called Sleep Well, Sleep Deep by Alex Lukeman Ph.D. Normally books on sleep are not very helpful to me, but this one contains a fantastic method for falling asleep that I tried, and it worked! Haven’t taken a Lunesta in five nights!

It’s a very simple thing, a visualization. It works like this:

Imagine gold numbers on a black background (or you can use whatever colors you find restful). Start at 100. As you see the number in your mind, take a deep breath letting your belly inflate (not your chest – use your diaphragm). Exhale, letting your belly deflate; then take down the 100 and put up a 99, deep inhale through the belly, while continuing to “see” the number, exhale. Continue counting, visualizing, and breathing backwards to 1. I have never made it to 1, I usually fall asleep in the 30’s somewhere. For me it is a miracle!

I’ve been taking Lunesta a long, long time, and it was making me stupid. My memory was just not as good as it is without the Lunesta. Also I had a hard time getting out of bed, I was always drowsy the next morning after taking the pill.

I’ll still take it for traveling when I find myself in a strange room and bed, or have to get up really early in the morning (According to Lukeman, I’m an “owl”, one whose biological clock is set for let nights and late mornings, vs. a “lark” who likes to go to bed early and wake early).

So if you find sleep eluding you, try this visualization (Ms Demmie, maybe it would help you on your sleepless nights!).

Next tool in my toolbox is biofeedback. I am going next month to learn how to use this to improve sleep.



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3 responses to “Sleep Technique

  1. Hi Sonja!
    Thanks for this post, book and visualization. It is a necessity!

  2. I know what I am trying tonight ! Thank you X

  3. I have absolutely NO problem sleeping. I am out before my head hits the pillow!

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