Hats off to the Spanish Fashionistas!

The city of Madrid, Spain has banned ultra skinny models from participating in this year’s Fashion Week events. Body mass index will be calculated for each entrant (based on height and weight), and anyone with a BMI of less than 18 will not be permitted to walk the runways.

“The restrictions could be quite a shock to the fashion world at the beginning, but I’m sure it’s important as far as health is concerned,” said Leonor Perez Pita, director of the show.

Of course, U.S. modeling agencies were unhappy about this as their anorexic models couldn’t get jobs in Madrid, claiming discrimination against the waifish models.

I say hooray for the Spaniards. Someone has got to take the first step to ending this unhealthy state of affairs in the modeling world. I saw promotional video for the Madrid events that shows the models EATING. On purpose. Wow!

The younger generations of women need this. Perhaps this can prevent future women from unsafe diets and unhealthy images of their bodies.

Hey – women are SUPPOSED to have curves!!!



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3 responses to “Hats off to the Spanish Fashionistas!

  1. Hear Hear !

    There were rumblings that it was also going to be introduced in London as well for London Fashion Week last week – hopefully more will follow the trend.

  2. Yeah, I heard this on the news. Great decision! Let’s see how many follow now..

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