Is the Pope Catholic?

I just can’t believe how foolish the current Pope has been lately.
Stirring up unrest in the hornet’s nest is not the way to unite humanity. His inflammatory remarks about Islam may contain some truths, but one has to learn how to approach issues and people in a diplomatic and kind way to get them to work together toward peace.

Sorry to say he’s the wrong man for the job. As a woman of German descent, I feel that electing a German man from his particular generation is a mistake. Granted, it’s a generalization, but I think his recent remarks prove the point – with some exceptions, it’s a generation of people who are rigid, black and white, and sure of their opinions as being the right and only ones. I know this applies to any and all generations of all nationalities, but my own personal experience prompts me to write this.

As a matter of fact, the label “infallible” which is granted to the Pope illustrates exactly what I am trying to express – he’s right and everybody else is wrong. This is no way to get others to respect and commiserate with you. It only turns others against you and the people you “represent”. I can’t believe God is too happy about his “representative” right now.
Isn’t the Pope supposed to be an ambassador for Catholics, and by definition, Christians? I seem to remember lots of bloodshed in Holy Wars started by the Catholic Church…aren’t the Pope’s remarks the pot calling the kettle black?

Conclusion of the Day: Organized religion is the root of all evil. (notice I said “religion”, not “spirituality”.



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5 responses to “Is the Pope Catholic?

  1. You should probably read the Pope’s speech before you publish remarks like this. Here’s the full text of the speech:

  2. I think he was very ill advised to go anywhere near anything that contentious at this time. By going there he has shown himself to be ill advised at best and inflamatory at worst.

    Organised religion is has caused more wars than anything else in history .

  3. It is so easy these days to jump on the Pope or Christians of all stripes and call them intolerant. What if Christians freaked out every time any Muslim made any “inflammatory remarks” marks about them? It seems that people of the left leaning persuasion love to defend the violent actions of Muslims but if Christians EVER acted that way they would just FREAK out. Am I wrong here?

  4. That’s my point. If you want to make peace with someone and get a rapport going, you don’t purposely get them all riled up and then say “What did I do?, especially if you’re the leader of a religion. You are supposed to be better than that.

    It’s easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar. I am merely saying that the Pope needs to learn some sensitivity. Instead of taking himself down to their level, he should elevate himself and others. It’s amazing how much a little respect of your fellow man will go.

  5. But the Pope doesn’t have to “make Peace” with Islam. I am not even sure what that is supposed to mean. The religions are diametrically opposed, they will never “get together in peace”. All the need to do is coexist together. The Pope is going to say things that are against Islam, Mullas are going to say things against Christianity. That doesn’t mean they can’t coeixst. Christianity has dealt with abuse for a long time (usually to a fault I think), now when Islam is having to deal with it a bit, it gets turned back around on Christians. I just find that interesting.

    Thanks for your comment at my post, I have responded to your comments there. I am sorry if you thought “left leaning” and “liberal” were name calling. I have often referred to myself as “right leaning” and “conservative”… what term should I have used?

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