Kids says the darndest things…

Cory and his mom

Cory’s mother Candace sent me this account of some political mischief that Cory was up to recently. I must admit I laughed heartily when I heard this even though I was blue all day.

How did this soon-to-be 3 year old put this all together with the right timing? I don’t know, but like I’ve said before, he’s an “old soul.” Remarkable. I think we should put him on the Fox News channel where he can stand up to all the conservative Republican fogy talking heads that constantly parade on the screen.

Wonder if Grandpa Dick has yet recovered from the scandal of having a liberal grandson?
Candace says:

Cory said “Impeach The President” (I saw a bumper sticker, repeated it and laughed pretty hard, which impressed Cory and he started chanting it). We were going to see Rick’s dad Grandpa Dick, and Cory had recently been running around hugging his big flower and chanting “Impeach the President”.We were thinking he might say it when we were at Grandpa Dick’s house (Dick is a staunch Republican, stands behind the President, et al), and I sarcastically said “Oh yeah, Grandpa Dick is going to love that!” and we had another good laugh. But Cory didn’t say it, and we forgot about it.

That was months ago I think.

So Sunday was Grandparent’s Day and I taught Cory to say “Happy Grandparent’s Day”, which he said beautifully to my mom and Rick’s mom. But then we got Grandpa Dick on the phone and we said “Hi, Cory has something he wants to say”, and Cory yelled “Impeach The President!!” – Rick burst out laughing and could not get it under control, so naturally Cory just yelled it louder, over and over again, no matter how we tried to get him to say “Happy Grandparents Day”…”



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3 responses to “Kids says the darndest things…

  1. Hi Sonja!
    Nice picture. Cory and his mom are very nice, beautiful and happy. Their smile is glamorous !
    Blessing, peace to you and your family!

  2. The door slammed and naughty bookworms withdrew a woman. Fal to join them. But.

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