No Delete Key

It seems I am haunted by several dreams that keep recurring.

1) Can’t remember high school locker combination – can’t get books out of my locker, never prepared for classes. Have to go to the admin desk again to ask for the combo. Admin building is closed. (What’s in that locker that I don’t want to look at???)
2) Late for high school Spanish class / English class – haven’t been to class in months. Will I flunk it?!?

3) Can’t find car in parking lot – it’s getting late, and dark. Can’t remember where I parked. Parking lot is HUGE. It would take me forever to walk down each and every aisle looking for my car. I’m all alone. (NOTE: after years of having this dream, it actually happened at John Wayne Airport last year. I got off the plane and couldn’t find the VW Golf. After about half an hour, I asked some nice Mexican ladies (in Spanish) who were manning the gate if they could help me. I gave them my license plate number, they made a phone call in Spanish, and lo and behold, came up with the building, aisle, and space number). I was hoping this dream would go away after that experience because it proved 1) finding the car is possible, and 2) I was not all alone, the ladies helped me. But –NO! The dream persists. BONUS: obviously I did not flunk the Spanish class.
4) Vacation is over, need to catch a plane home – but I have had several items from home shipped over, eg: a desk, shelves full of books, and assorted other things, that I can’t possible have repacked and shipped back before I have to be on the plane. I’ve already missed the plane several times and will again. (Too many possessions?)

5) Tsunami – this one has abated over the years, but rampant in my teen years. I am on a beautiful sandy beach with a high cliff in back of me. I look up to see this enormous wall of water coming toward me. There is no escape. (Former resident of Atlantis?!?)

6) Jumbled telephones – I need to use a phone, but when I finally find one, the numbers are jumbled from regular order and not marked. Every phone I can find does this!! I’m trying to “phone home”, but I keep dialing the wrong number!!!
All of these dreams seem to come from anxiety, but honestly I lead a fairly stress-free life (aside from my physical limitations) and am a pretty relaxed person. What am I trying to tell myself?



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3 responses to “No Delete Key

  1. The overall theme of these is a need to get to “somewhere” combined with not having all the right *tools* in place to do so. Most of them seem to be about being unable to find “key elements” .

    I would ask where are you going *mentally/spiritualy* – and don’t let fear hold you back.

    (Then again I might be talking out of my you know where!)

  2. Wow, Nicola, that’s what a close friend of mine told me after meditating on my dreams. I think it stems from my frustration at being held back in things I want to do because of physical limitations, thus my “vehicle” doesn’t get me where I want to go!
    Sometimes it helps for others to hear your dreams and interpret them. I guess I was just too close to figure it out!!!

  3. Oddly enough I have had some of those same dreams or one’s very much like them but have neverr met you. They must have been different cities, beachs, and airports. My worst dream is beinga little child in a high chair and falling down the steps.

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