Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

I have never understood the ages-old debate about Evolution vs. Intelligent Design that is currently raging again in the US. All of this controversy about what to teach the kids at school, changing textbooks to reflect the sole teaching of one or the other theory, is nonsensical to me.

Here is what I propose:

If you don’t believe in God, study the science as you choose, but to become a well-rounded person, just learn about the other theory and be aware of it.

If you do believe in God, study the science as you choose, but to become a well-rounded person, incorporate your spiritual beliefs into the science.

(Note that studying the science took priority in both scenarios. This is my opinion, of course, that science is the effect and spiritual origins are the cause)

My high school biology textbook listed all of the various beliefs about how life began (including evolution, creation, parthenogenesis, etc.) in the beginning chapter. We all read the various ideas and made up our minds. What’s the problem?

Here is my personal belief that I have held since childhood, and the wisdom of age has only made this belief stronger: Obviously there are scientific rules that guide everything we do. There is no getting around that. We cannot change science facts to fit religious viewpoints. However, we can incorporate the idea of God (or whatever higher consciousness you believe in) into these rules and the Theory of Evolution. There is obviously intelligent design involved in everything we analyze. Did the human eye just get “thrown together”? I say “no” but I do believe God used his/her self created rules to slowly create the structure of the eye over time. So yes, there is evolution and yes, it is intelligently designed. What’s the problem?? Why does it have to be black and white? I detest extremes in any form. I prefer a continuum mentality and an ability to integrate science and spirituality.

Rather than float in the clouds or be glued to physical reality, let us all be present in both realms. Or not. If you don’t believe in a Creator, that’s your choice. But both sides must not coerce belief on each other. Believe what you will, evolution or creation in whatever form exists and will continue regardless.



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4 responses to “Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

  1. The theory that helped me to understand the debate was Accretion.
    Asteroids, planets, us, all of it collects together from smaller pieces. As rubble flies through space, it is intrinsically drawn to other matter. Organization follows attraction, and complexity follows organization. that’s enough for me, I’ll have to wait to see what the nature of that force is. I just can’t get my head to think of God as a bearded guy sitting on a cloud. đŸ˜‰

  2. Evolution wins every time for me – we only have to look at the last twenty years.

    Nice picture and message.

  3. I don’t see God as an old man with a beard either.
    He/She is more like “the Force” on Star Wars. A consciousness, a creative energy. It’s the sheer arrogance of Mankind that created God in his own image!

  4. Clearly, there’s a lot you’re not understanding about this.

    Science’s definition is as follows:

    knowledge covering general truths of the operation of general laws, esp. as obtained and tested through scientific method [and] concerned with the physical world.


    This means that you can not include something untestable (i.e. God) within the scientific method because you need physical evidence.

    Saying ‘this doesn’t work, goddidit’ is the opposite of science. It’s faith. We have that in churches already.

    You want to teach intelligent design? Fine with me, but not in science class. Teach it in the same classroom as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc. They should refer to this class as faith, because these are supernatural and thus not testable.

    Also: life did not begin as the result of evolution. Evolution explains how life became complex from a form of simplicity. Abiogenesis, unrelated to evolution, is probably what you’re looking for in terms of how life began.

    As far as how the eye evolved, we can see that in how viruses evolve. The reason you have to get a flu shot every year is because influenza evolves so fast that our bodies can’t keep up with their changes. That’s why we make vaccines for it.

    The obvious implication here is that evolution has practical uses.

    Such is most certainly true.

    Tuberculosis, especially the newer strains, have evolved to become resistant to formally effective treatment methods. How do we know they evolved? Because the treatments once worked on the same strain. That means that they’ve changed so much that the vaccines of old don’t work anymore.

    Evolution is undeniable in all forms. Your immune system passes on every bit of information it has gathered to your children. While they’re not automatically immune to basically anything, it’s causing the human race to evolve their immune system to be more efficient in catching diseases and dealing with them.

    No hostility here, I have no problem with creationism. I do, however, have problems when creationists deny evolution for faith reasons, even when they would have been dead long ago without knowledge gained and later put to use by evolutionary theory.

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