Price of Gas Still Too Low

The price of gasoline in the US is still too low.

How do I arrive at this conclusion?

When I came out of the post office the other day it was 100 degrees F (38 C) outdoors. What do I see? A big Chevy Suburban with the engine running and nobody in it…except a dog. Obviously the air conditioning was left on for the dog’s benefit. Here’s an idea – LEAVE THE DOG AT HOME.

When my friend who is a nature lover, hiker, and supposed conservationist drools over Hummers and says she doesn’t care about the cost, I know gas is too cheap.

When someone starts the car and lets it idle several minutes before they get into it to “cool it down”, then gas is too cheap.

Don’t you agree?



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3 responses to “Price of Gas Still Too Low

  1. It may be too cheap over there – its plently expensive over here !

    But you do have a very valid point.

  2. This was a very sarcastic piece because the price of gas is much higher than it’s ever been here in the US. Those of you from other countries have been paying too much for your gas all along, but we here in the States are not used to that. So, to those of you from other countries, yes, the price of gas IS too high, but some people are still consuming it like water.

  3. I sold the truck and bought a Civic last year. I’m getting better, but I’m still a wasteful driver at times. I idle at 7-11 alot. The car has to have the key on “on” before the windows work, so I automatically start the car..
    I bought compact flourescents for all my lamps. That’s something. I suppose that conservation issues are on my mind, and becoming an increasingly important part of my life.

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