My husband Bill is the gentlest of men. He stands 6’4″, about 195 and could be physically imposing if he chose to be. Instead, he does things like this:

Yesterday I was walking down our little hallway area toward the bedroom when I saw something that looks like a sliver of wood on the floor. As I bent down to pick it up, it scurried away. “There’s a lizard in the hallway”, I called to Bill who was sitting on the couch watching his usual “brainrot” (my term for constant sports coverage on tv). He jumped up from the couch to investigate. “Wow, a tiny baby lizard. Cool.”

So what he does next after admiring the lizard is to pick up an empty styrofoam cup and lid he had just been drinking out of, and crawled down the hallway on kneepads trying to gently scoop up the scurrying lizard. He succeeded in this and showed me the little guy in the cup (along with, I’m embarrassed to say, a large clump of hair and dust bunnies). Bill carefully set the top back on the cup and released the lizard outdoors. I said a silent “Thank you” to the Universe for sending me such a sweet and gentle mate.

The same goes for spiders. They are allowed to live inside our home without being disturbed. We have even gone so far as to move a spider in the bathtub out of jeopardy because he would have been washed away by the shower spray. The spiders keep our home free of gnats and other unwelcome visitors in return for room and board.

This is to us a spiritual practice. I don’t feel that’s it’s necessarily wrong to do away with pests that are harmful or unsanitary. But why not enjoy and welcome into our home those creatures that do not harm us and/or help us, even though they may not be “warm and fuzzy”?

Cockroaches need not apply.



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2 responses to “Gentleness

  1. I have to move spiders out of hysterical partners way – for their own good and the good of my ears !

  2. I have a really big web in my garage, right next to the steps. I check in on her progress every time I come and go. I see the spider scurry under the steps occasionally. We’ve reached a consesus. she won’t build her web over the stairs, and I won’t mess with her house. I’ll take some pics soon, she’s made an impressive web.

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