German Implants

Have you heard the new Volkswagen commericials on the radio?

My parents are both German, and I know a German accent when I hear one. The snotty little snark featured on the commercials is NOT a real German, I’ll bet my lederhosen on that. Germans do not say “za” for “the”. OK, the commercials make me laugh because this guy is such a total phony and so extremely rude that one has to marvel at the entire ad campaign. I don’t hear any Germans complaining though (besides me) which is cool, I suppose. Or maybe they agree with what the snotty guy is saying. But probably because they know he’s a fake German.

Now Dr. Z on the Chrysler TV car commercials – that’s a REAL German. The accent is legitimate, and the demeanor is just slightly haughty, but not obnoxious (note: my observations are based on Dr Z’s generation. My apologies to younger Germans who do not think they are haughty). I like the commercial where someone calls with a prank phone call and Dr. Z says “Oh ya, ve can find you smottguy!”. I don’t know why it’s funny. Perhaps because it reminds me of things my dad has said in his authentic German accent.

P.S. One of my very favorite cars I ever owned was a Tornado Red 1991 Volkswagen Golf. Had it for 14 years and 126,000 miles.


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  1. When I first saw the topic – I thought it was going to be about silicone implants – not cars !

    Ill just go back to bed ………

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