Blue and Green

I am fortunate to live about 10 miles from the beach. My old friend Marcia was staying with me for a few days and we went on a few excursions, one of which was to Dana Point Harbor which is in the city of Dana Point south of Laguna Beach. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day, blue skies and a little wind. These photos were taken on the wild ocean side of the breakwater. There was some kind of film production going on that day, but we just ignored it.

My favorite color is blue, followed by green. So I was delighted to see not only blue water and sky, but a surprise – green algae on the rocks as well. For some reason, I don’t see this combination here often, I don’t know what conditions have to be in play for the algae to grow so well – but I don’t believe these parts of the rocks are ever submerged.

Anyway, here is a little record of our day…



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2 responses to “Blue and Green

  1. Looks glorious – and more sandy than ours too ………

  2. Cool pictures, I like those rocks very much. slippery, I’ll warrant 😉
    There are a lot of rock outcrops offshore southern California, aren’t there? Must be nice… our beach ices over in the winter… Some knucklehead always drives (almost always) his truck out onto the bay until it falls in.

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