Beaked Vampiress

My friend Marcia is visiting me this week from Davis, Ca in the Sacramento area. She works for the University of California at Davis and flew up to stay with us till Wednesday. I should have lots of photos and things to write about in the next few days.

Marcia loves Gizmo, but unfortunately there was a blood and guts fest this morning when Giz bit Marcia. Severely. Not quite lawsuit material, but quite discouraging for Marcia as her faith in the consistency of parrot behavior is shot to hell. Parrots have very complex emotions and though Gizzy tried to warn her off with light taps on the fingers, I was not in the room and Marcia did not recognize the signs of parrot frustration. Shazzam! Several bites – and the bad type where the bird clamps on and you can’t shake her off, so your skin kind of tears with each swing of the parrot through space! How graphic…

So now you know…you must be half a psychologist to own parrots!!!

See you in a couple of days!!!!!



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2 responses to “Beaked Vampiress

  1. Thanks to npanth and Nicola for their kind words during my horrible headache time. I may disappear from time to time for a couple of days when I get hit by a migraine. But never fear! I can’t be without my blog for more than a couple of days without withdrawal symptoms!!! So I will always be back!!
    Love you guys!!!

  2. Glad you are back – but so sorry for Marcia …….. bad bird !!!!!!!!!!!

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