Update on Rich

(See July 23 post for first entry on this) 

Rich was diagnosed with stage 3 squamous cell cancer. But they can’t find the primary tumor. Radiation and a lymph node resection are next, but it’s difficult for him and his family because doctors are still looking for the source of the cancer.

Please keep the good thoughts and prayers coming for Rich and his family! Also for the skill of the doctors so the proper actions are taken.



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5 responses to “Update on Rich

  1. Good Luck Rich! I’m thinking of you 🙂

  2. Will be thinking of your friend – must be so worrying when they cannot locate the source.

  3. Candace

    Rich will be in all our thoughts and prayers. May he be blessed with the best and smartest doctors, a cure and a future filled with the love and laughter of his beautiful baby girl!

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  5. “With all my heart I praise you, Lord. In the presence of angels I sing your praises.
    I worship at your holy temple and praise you for your love and your faithfulness. You were true to your word and made yourself most famous, then ever before.
    When I asked for your help, you answered my prayer and gave me courage”.- Psalm 138:1-3.

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