Organized Religion on the Skids

I am so tired of this whole Mel Gibson debacle. It’s on the news constantly 24/7. While I am sick of hearing about it, I am determined to throw in my two cents.

Mel’s situation is no surprise to me. Here we have a man who purports to be a good “Catholic”. He has the requisite dozen or so children to ensure his card-carrying status. He also has the mark of the fundamentalist – hatred of others based on certitude of his beliefs and the judging that goes with it.

Personally I think people are more honest drunk than when they are sober. I believe they say things drunk that are on their minds but are censored without the alcohol. So in my opinion, it is doubly damning when a drunk spews anti-semitism and hate. I don’t know what Mel actually said, of course I am going by the media reports. Maybe they are overblowing what he actually said. But if he did indeed express anti-semitic sentiments, he is just venting a philosophy that he’s been repressing. And this is troubling to me in the light of someone who purports to be an example of a religion that is supposed to be preaching love of all people, regardless of their religion. Has everybody forgotten the words of Christ – “Love thy neighbor as thyself”? He didn’t say “unless that person comes from a group you dislike.”

What is religion good for other than to spread separation and hate among people? I think the time for organized religion has come and gone. Let us evolve without it and love God in ways which resonate in our souls. Let us love each other in spite of religion, not because of it. There is a world of spirit to discover without the chains of dogma. I think St Francis of Assisi said “Hurt none and do what you will.” A beautiful summation of a way of life.

Here’s a Mel Gibson Dressup Website for a little humorous escape!



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3 responses to “Organized Religion on the Skids

  1. “Hurt none and do what you will.”

    Very similar to the Wiccan Rede – “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”

    I despair of organised religion of all varieties – I am what is known as a solitary practitioner. My beliefs are just that – mine and mine only. They cannot be corrupted or misenterpreted by others.

  2. I think religion has controlled humans since the very inception of our race. Fear and shame are the means, an orderly society is the motive. Secular morality has evolved to the point where we can govern ourselves with reason instead of belief. I think the most spiritual event isn’t when religion controls us, but when we control our own beliefs.

  3. Hey there. Love your take on Mr. Gibson. (I hate to say I really enjoy his movies, but not him as a person…)

    What I’ve found works for me is a combination of atheism/humanism. It doesn’t work for everyone, obviously! 🙂 I do believe that everyone in the world should at the least consider themselves a humanist, whether they are religious or not. Loving and caring about other people should be our biggest priority in this world!

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