Letting Go the Load

I am hesitant to post this because I don’t want to be misunderstood, but here goes:

The movie “World Trade Center” is being released today.

This gave me pause to consider my current state of mind on the events of 9-11.

How do I feel about this? I have been able to make my peace with this tragedy. I am comfortably numb (sorry Pink Floyd). I am not saying I’m complacent about the whole thing, but I have managed to defensively cordon off my mind from dwelling on this too much. I have even managed to forgive the misguided humans who believed they were doing the right thing by flying airplanes into populated buildings. Forgiveness implies excusing someone for a trespass they committed against you personally. I was not impacted directly, but I can forgive for crimes against humanity, of which club I am a member.

How can I do this? Forgive this kind of evil?

I am a lapsed Catholic, but I feel very strongly about Christ’s lessons on love. We don’t know what kinds of tortures or brainwashing the terrorists went through to drive them to such desperate measures. This is not excusing them. I said “forgive” not “forget”. Had these men survived the attacks, they should have been punished to the fullest extent of the law!

I guess what this all leads to is that we have two choices in life. We can either eat ourselves up from the inside with hate, or we can try to understand a situation and release it to preserve our health and sanity. We can learn how to prevent such tragedies from ever happening again. But dwelling on a tragedy from a hate standpoint can only cause further destruction for both sides.

Dwelling is not the same as remembering. Let us remember all of the victims, dead and alive. Let us mourn them appropriately.
You may choose to hate these terrorists and I would certainly understand that. I am merely saying that you are the one who is going to have to carry that load around.
So I probably will not see the movie. I have made my peace. I don’t need Hollywood’s version to make me feel better or worse.

Health and happiness to you!



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3 responses to “Letting Go the Load

  1. Candace

    The problem is how our government uses fear and hate as a distraction and a tool for manipulation. A truly educated public would have seen through this and we would not have gotten stuck with the hypocrite now assigned to representing the majority of our country, and doing a miserable job of it. It is why our education system continues to suffer. They aren’t just interested in keeping minorities down. The fear that they generated even had intelligent people voting for Bush, go figure!
    Hollywood makes money on these issues, Presidents and Politicans make their reputations – and fortunes too – on them. Others’ sensitivities aside, I believe our government knew something was going to happen, though I suspect they did not know how ‘successful’ the attacks would be. I believe they planned to use the attacks to further their agenda of rebuilding the military, and padding their pockets in the process, and ultimately going in to do what Big Daddy George did not finish (in spite of Daddy’s insistance that it was the wrong thing to do).
    Clearly there is plenty here to feel bad about, Good Christian or Atheist. The fact is our President is a religious zealot just like the men he is going to war against, and he sounds equally crazy as the people he is going after. But then a Religious Zealot never does see his own ignorance, and always lacks the compassion and Love required to be an example of Christ’s teachings. Their egos won’t allow them to play second fiddle to God!
    Normally, I do not dwell in a place of negativity these issues bring out in me, but when I stop to think of them, I feel more distaste for how our president has handled EVERYTHING after 9-11 than I do for the terrorists, perhaps because as our President he is supposed to be the voice of Americans, but is not qualified on ANY level to represent how I feel about ANYTHING, and so far is only an example of how horribly wrong things can go when good people vote badly…
    But all things can have a positive effect, and perhaps if the people are reminded of how Americans everywhere came together in a crisis to help, and for a moment we shined as a truly United Nation, then perhaps we can begin to overcome the damage wrought by the terrorists – and the present Administration!
    Don’t carry the Hate, carry the Hope, that we can unite and with intelligent thought and purpose bring about positive change. Live by example the teachings of Christ and see the world around you change for the better. One person CAN change the world…

  2. Please remember this is from the English point of view – somewhat distanced from the event.

    I feel that 9/11 was the day when the USA/the west lost the war. It was the day when those who do not care for the “worst” of western way of life tried to stop us in our tracks.

    I abhor violence of any kind – however I do not know if I could turn the other cheek – especially if my children were involved. Hopefully I will never know.

    There was a radio programme featuring the mother of one of the victims of the 7/7 bombings in London – she was a curate attached to Bristol Catherdral. Her faith was sorely tested by the events and the loss of her daughter. The only way she could cope was by coming to the conclusion that sometimes it is not for US to forgive – but for God to forgive and that some things are so grave that ONLY he can forgive.

    I will leave you with a chinese proverb

    It is better to try to light a candle than to curse the dark

    Blessings X

  3. I had much the same thoughts about seeing Flight 93. Somehow, the mass media treatment doesn’t sit well with me when it comes to 9/11.

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