excerpts by Edwin Harkins Spina 

After a lecture, someone asked, “Isn’t connecting with God the goal of all religions?”

In their purest form the answer is yes. But based on the particular culture or state of affairs, additional guidelines are tacked onto the universal laws. these rules should be relied upon as suggestions meant to improve a person’s life, not as universal truths. As an example, the doctrine of “heaven or hell” is meant to teach that there are consequences to your actions. The universal law underlying this principle is karma, i.e., the law of cause and effect.

Whenever such rules become “the only way”, they become dogma. This is true whether we are talking about religion, science, or politics. If the letter of the law is rigidly followed without consideration for the spirit of the law, there is the danger of fundamentalist behavior. Understanding the underlying principle would avoid uncontrolled mobs from burning people at the stake…

Religions play a vital role in encouraging virtuous behavior to the benefit of all, but rigid adherence to these rules to the exclusion of the main goal of communing with God is counterproductive and can lead to separation and intolerance. The “Golden Rule”, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is universally accepted by every major religion. Any action that violates this universal truth can ultimately lead to war…

Imagine God as a bright light covered with various veils. As you peel away these veils, which represent various beliefs and ideas, the light brightens. Your goal should be to connect with this bright light directly. This is your right and reward as a spiritual being living on earth. To the mystic this represents the ultimate goal: illumination.


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