The Coffee Bean

Me, Dad, and Bill
My dad is in town this week. He and his wife Dagmar are visiting from Arizona to attend the 50th wedding anniversary of a couple they know. It was 104 degrees today, so we decided to meet at the mall. Inevitably (my dad loves coffee) we ended up at a coffee joint to sit and talk.

Talking in public is not easy these days. During the course of the hour, we had to shout over the noises of a) a cooking demonstration in the main area of the mall aided by large amps, 2) garbage collection bins being rolled around in front of the store (Dad said “I think a train is coming through”), 3) the blender and/or coffee bean grinder in the store, 4) children whining, 5) disco demonstrations at various kiosks, and 6) people on cell phones. By far the most annoying is #6. But now I understand why “modern” people always seem to have some form of noise going on around them at all times – whether it’s their mp3 player, mini tv or dvd player, radio, cell phone, whatever. Apparently there is an aching void in most people when they encounter silence. I don’t know if this is because they don’t want to be alone with their thoughts, bad consciences, or loneliness? Or is it because there is so much noise in the ambient environment that its lack causes stress?


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  1. I’ve run into the same thing. in the old days, mobsters would own restaurants with oval shaped rooms. they would sit at one focal point of the oval, and seat the pigeons at the other focal point… even in a noisy restaurant, the shape of the room would let you boys listen in on even the quietest conversations.

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